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The Podcast

If you come to a fork in the road, take it! Two’s Complement is a programming podcast, hosted by Matt Godbolt and Ben Rady; two programmers who both grew up wanting to make video games. One of them did, one of them didn’t, but now they both work together despite coming from very different backgrounds.

About Ben

Ben spent the late 90’s earning his C.S. degree while dreaming of a future career building video games. Those dreams were crushed when the game company he was going to work for moved to another city shortly before graduation. So instead, he dove headfirst into mastering the engineering practices from eXtreme Programming (XP), including Pair Programming, Test Driven Development, Refactoring, and Continuous Integration. He spent years mentoring and training others in these techniques...until an army of overpaid management consultants turned “Agile” into a dirty word. These days, Ben is an Agile refugee, still mentoring those who will listen, and applying modern variations on the XP engineering practices to build software in the finance industry.

About Matt

Matt started out writing assembly code after finding it was the only way to make games in the 80s. Initially decrying C as a “bad macro assembler”, he eventually accepted that compilers were going to do a better job than him and learned C++. After spending a decade writing game engines for first- and second-generation consoles, Matt escaped into the real world. He quickly discovered that he had a lot to learn about software engineering while working on the YouTube mobile client at Google. In 2011 he moved into finance, and to his surprise has been discovering low-level games industry tricks for making things go fast is invaluable there. Matt loves the cultural exchange of teaching how the hardware works in exchange for learning good software engineering practices.

Two's Complement
A Programming Podcast by Matt and Ben
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